Finally - My own Blog - Personal things

The big B-Word is looming over my head for some years now. This is the first serious try to get it going.

First things first: What should this blog be about? Beside and during my dayjob as a desktop developer I like to try out a lot of tech. Whether it be actual physical tech like computers or software or something in between. Over time I noticed that talking or writing about my experiences helps me to cement my new skills. In addition to that it's really helpful if you are able to reference yourself in writing when someone (for example even yourself) has a question about a topic.

At this point I will give a short introduction into who I am, so feel free to skip over this part if this is of no interest to you. This introduction will appear exeptional and only as a general impression of mine. This blog will be mostly about the technical things. I feel that personal background is still helpfull when reading other peoples thoughts.

I grew up in Dresden in Germany, Eastern Germany to be exact. I was born in 1990 so East- and West-Germany are not countries I lived to see. It's just Germany for me. I went through highschool good enough for my own needs and then had the choice between taking year of and working or going directly to university. I chose the latter and would not recommend that to my 18 year old self today. I started studying computer science and found out that, while I liked light programming at the time, the deeper technical parts weren't all that interesting to me. After going on with my studies for 18 months I left school in order to work for a while and find out what I want to do with myself. I did this and that but ended up working in HELLERAU, an event house in the outskirts of Dresden.

There I worked, like you see in the picture, as a "Hand" constructing stage parts and setting up audio and video equipment. The time I spent in Hellerau was really eyeopening to me, in the sense that I noticed that physical work, aswell as working with something like a product in the end is so very satisfying.

When the question relating to my future education came up again, at this point I was 21 years old, I took the things I experienced and started searching for an apprenticeship on software development. At this point I have to thank the IHK (Industry and Trade Chamber) of Germany, because some years before they defined a new type of apprenticeship called MATSE. This translates to "mathematical-technical-sofware-developer". It's ment to put a bigger emphasis on the maths part of software development and thus closes the gap between studying CS at the university and an apprenticeship without deeper dives into mathematics. Sounds nice doesn't it? Let me assure you, it really is.

After randomly stumbling upon a company with an open spot for a MATSE I also got to learn that the company in question specialises in Acoustic Simulations. This was a dreamlike combination for me, because I allready had some experience in that field, due to me working at the Festspielhaus in Dresden. Also interesting was that this company was situated in Berlin, so I got a bit of a scenery-change on top of my new job.

In the next two and a half years, I got taught a lot about software development in my company as well as the school which got roughly one out of three weeks of my time. I was lucky to be working in a small company where you got to know everybody and even luckier, because all the people working there were nice and interesting.

For all those reasons I am, almost exactly six years later, still working at this company and feel so pationate about this job and the whole field of software development and tech in general, that I want to give something back and write this blog. For those and the more selfish reasons I listed above, I decided to write this blog.

This concludes my personal introduction. In the next post I am going to talk about how what I had to do to set up this blog and all the things I broke before it finally worked.

As I am quiet new to this whole writing for other people stuff, I'd like to get constructive criticism about my writing. This is especially important to me, because english is not my native language.

Thank you for reading and till the next time...